installation, video
2010, 2017-18

Light installation / catastrophic optics apparatus -
SUPERBLACK series part 0

full title:
AN OTHER (kind-of) DARKNESS - and the shadow of transparent objects

Concept, Installation, Realization  Adam Orlinski, Gregor Holzinger
Electronic Setup, Programming  Michael Kurz

[Video based on the kinetic light installation 'SUPERBLACK - part 0’ - 3:59 min | 2018]
Score & Making-of Soundtrack: 'Still' out of the album 'Leucocyte'
by E.S.T. Esbjörn Svensson Trio

Light caustification apparatus ...
[under construction]

Video / Photo Documentation

exhibition of a shadow

Site-specific, c-/kinematic Light-/shadow Installation

- Galerie Göttlicher 2014 [solo exhibition] - Krems/Austria
- PQ 2015 - Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Space
- 4AM Forum ‘Adaptive Strategies’ 2017 - Brno/Czech Republic

Concept, Installation Design, Realization  Gregor Holzinger, Adam Orlinski
Sound Design  Abby Lee Tee
Electronic Design  Daniel Skrzipek

Light not as a static condition, but a dynamic trajectory - a warping shadow projection as an animated anamorphosis of a spatial structure, or a complex notation of a moving viewpoint´s field-of-sight and its visual exclusions, folde