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GREGOR HOLZINGER, born 1981, lives and works in Vienna, Austria; graduated in Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, studied Scenic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and was visiting student within a collaboration project at Institute of Applied Theatre Studies, University of Gießen, Germany. Several international cooperations, e. g. with Peter Sellars (Los Angeles), Lebbeus Woods (New York) and Lead Pencil Studio – Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo (Seattle, WA and Portland, OR).

In recent years – besides various architectural projects – increasing work on various transdisciplinary projects in/between the fields of Architecture, Set Design, Video and Installation Art, which might be subsumed under the title 'site-/sight-specific Installations' -- exploring the modes of spatial perception out of the very individual perspective of the viewer and the real-time mapping of panoramic viewsheds/fields-of-view (’-scapes’), with the viewers being the actual performers - or the concept of 'Raumtheater' (~ theater of space[-s]) and the theme of artificial/modelled realities, augmented in digital as well as analogue ways -- and thereby dealing with architecture in the widest sense possible.

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Selected Projects

Roof-top Garden Integrationshaus Wien (a refugee home in Vienna),
project within New Crowned Hope Festival, Mozartjahr Wien 2006 -
Thesis project at Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Set-Design & Video-Design for ‘Othello – Wien, Bochum, New York’,
a production of Wiener Festwochen 2009, co-produced by Schauspielhaus Bochum, and Public Theater New York/ LAByrinth Theater Company New York -
directed by Peter Sellars, with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jessica Chastain, John Ortiz et al.
Scale – Scape – Scope’ - within Schindler Artists-in-Residence Program, MAK Center Los Angeles at Schindler House - Los Angeles 2011 (collaboration with Florian Schafschetzy, Eva Sommeregger)
'5 Colors Black – exhibition of a shadow' [k-/cinematic light-/shadow-installation] - solo-exhibition at Galerie Göttlicher Krems (in collaboration with Adam Orlinski)
'Site-/Sight-specific Installations' – OK Center for Contemporary Art / OÖ Art Collection, Linz 2015-16

‘Oregonautics’ - PLAYA Artist Residency - in Summerlake, Oregon

Gregor Holzinger
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