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GREGOR HOLZINGER, born 1981, lives and works in Vienna, Austria; graduated in Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Studio Wolf D. Prix and Studio Peter Sellars), studied Scenic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Masterclass for Scenography Erich Wonder), and was visiting student within a collaboration project at Institute of Applied Theatre Studies, University of Gießen, Germany. Several international cooperations, e. g. with Lebbeus Woods, New York, and Lead Pencil Studio – Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.

In recent years – besides various architectural projects – increasing work on various transdisciplinary projects in/between the fields of Architecture, Set Design, Video and Installation Art, which might be subsumed under the title 'site-/sight-specific Installations' -- exploring the modes of spatial perception out of the very individual perspective of the viewer and the real-time mapping of panoramic viewsheds/fields-of-view (’-scapes’), with the viewers being the actual performers - or the concept of 'Raumtheater' (~ theater of space[-s]) and the theme of artificial/modelled realities, augmented in digital as well as analogue ways -- and thereby dealing with architecture in the widest sense possible.

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Selected Projects

Roof-top Garden Integrationshaus Wien (a refugee home in Vienna),
project within New Crowned Hope Festival, Mozartjahr Wien 2006 -
Thesis project at Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Set-Design & Video-Design for ‘Othello – Wien, Bochum, New York’,
a production of Wiener Festwochen 2009, co-produced by Schauspielhaus Bochum, and Public Theater New York/ LAByrinth Theater Company New York -
directed by Peter Sellars, with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jessica Chastain, John Ortiz et al.
Scale – Scape – Scope’ - within Schindler Artists-in-Residence Program, MAK Center Los Angeles at Schindler House - Los Angeles 2011 (collaboration with Florian Schafschetzy, Eva Sommeregger)
'5 Colors Black – exhibition of a shadow' [k-/cinematic light-/shadow-installation]
Solo-exhibition at Galerie Göttlicher Krems 2014 (in collaboration with Adam Orlinski)
'Site-/Sight-specific Installations' – OK Center for Contemporary Art / OÖ Art Collection, Linz 2015-16

Gregor Holzinger
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