installation, video
2010, 2017-18, ongoing
Light installation / catastrophic optics apparatus -

full title:
AN OTHER (kind-of) DARKNESS - and the shadow of transparent objects

Concept, Installation, Realization  Adam Orlinski, Gregor Holzinger
Electronic Setup, Programming  Michael Kurz
Sound Design  Abby Lee Tee  mixed and mastered by Christian 'GC' Ghahremanian

A catastrophic optics apparatus, or light caustification device - inspired by the Gravitational Lensing Effect (i. e. the bending of light by matter, a black hole for instance, making it possible in reverse to look around an object, … into otherwise invisible dimensions/realities probably).

The project is exploring the aesthetics/sensational qualities of caustics (’catastrophe optics‘) by abstracting them from their usual occurrence and appearance, and investigating the modalities of light as a carrier of (spatial) information (’indexicalisations’), ... of inherent informations on objects it has been refracted by/or spaces it travelled through prior to reaching the eye of the viewer; revealing inscriptions in the field of light, indicating how space (space-time) is bending/warping around an object.

[Video based on the kinetic light installation 'SUPERBLACK - part 1’ - 2:37 min | 2020]
Sound by Abby Lee Tee

Gregor Holzinger
(c) Gregor Holzinger 2004-2022 (except stated otherwise)