model installation, exhibition

Multi-perspectival Model/Installation

- OK Center for Contemporary Art / OÖ Art Collection 2015-16 - Linz/Austria [Group exhibition OÖ Landeskultur- u. -förderpreise 2014-15]

Concept, Installation, Models  Gregor Holzinger
Tech Assistance  Michael Kurz

Attempt to create a multi-scale space, or a model of gradient (non-oblique) scale: several models spanning spaces of different scale(-s), intersecting within the exhibition space correspondingly, which itself appears as a model of a parallel reality due to its resemblance with a display cabinet
--> the models extending between and onto each other and into exhibition space, i. e. towards the viewer -- the exhibition space as a (momentary) stage (or: spatial scenario comparable to a stage situation) -- dual spectator position/twofold viewing direction through the transparent wall (with the exhibition visitors as a scale reference);
--> the installation as a walk-in model of multiple scales and manifold spaces, reality itself (‚in-the-making‘) as investigative object/subject of contemplation showcased behind glass [...]

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