architectural intervention on/in a car, panoramic video

Research project, 360°-panoramic Video & performative Installation (on/in a car) -

- MAK Center for Art and Architecture, at Schindler House - Los Angeles 2011
[within MAK Schindler Scholarship/Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program - MAK Museum of Applied Arts Vienna]

Concept, Realization  Gregor Holzinger, Florian Schafschetzy, Eva Sommeregger 
Voice/Live GPS 
Claudia Slanar
Sound Design 
Abby Lee Tee
Many thanks to  Matthew Coolidge and Aurora Tang at CLUI Center for Land Use Interpretation Los Angeles and Kogeto Technologies New York

The car as an architectural ready-made. Driving not only as a geographic, but as a cinematic experience. The car as a perception apparatus, generating a cartography from a roadmovie-point-of-view - a motion-based panoramic mapping (360° x 360°) of non-prominent places and peripheral infrastructural landscapes.  [more]

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Auto-Installation Making-of
Location Research / GPS-Voice-over Script

Gregor Holzinger
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