Studio project - University of Applied Arts, Vienna

- Ars Electronica Festival ‘Post City’, 2015 - Linz/Austria 
- ’The Essence 2005’ [group exhibition],
   MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna/Austria
- ‘Experimental Tendencies in Architecture’ [group exhibitions] 2010,
   Design Factory Bratislava - Bratislava/Slovakia   
   Zumtobel Light Forum - Vienna/Austria

- ‘Sculptural Architecture in Austria’ [group exhibitions], 2006
   National Art Museum of China - Beijing/China
   Guangdong Museum of Art - Guangzhou/China

Concept, Project Study, Kinetic Model   Gregor Holzinger Scientific feasibility Study/Calculation  Philipp Glaser

Study of a floating building structure as an architectural prototype for a building without fixed location --> Nauru/Pacific; e.g.- Artificial/Mechanical Landscape (in 3D) derived from the concept of a Mobile (cf. Alexander Calder), suspended from a geostationary satellite, inverting the traditional principle of an earth-based foundation and replacing it with a sky- or space-based support system (or ‘space-anchor’ - commonly referred to as Universal Orbital Support System (UOSS)).

Project Documentation

Gregor Holzinger
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