installation, video
2010, 2017-18

Light installation / catastrophic optics apparatus -
SUPERBLACK series part 0

full title:
AN OTHER (kind-of) DARKNESS - and the shadow of transparent objects

Concept, Installation, Realization  Adam Orlinski, Gregor Holzinger
Electronic Setup, Programming  Michael Kurz

[Video based on the kinetic light installation 'SUPERBLACK - part 0’ - 3:59 min | 2018]
Score & Making-of Soundtrack: 'Still' out of the album 'Leucocyte'
by E.S.T. Esbjörn Svensson Trio

Light caustification apparatus ...
[under construction]

Video / Photo Documentation

Gregor Holzinger
(c) Gregor Holzinger 2004-2019 (except stated otherwise)