multi-media installation, video

A filmed film and space installation - within
‘Theatermodelle’/’Theater models’, an interdisciplinary programme of the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies / Prof. Heiner Goebbels, University of Gießen, Germany, in collaboration with the Masterclass for Scenography / Prof. Erich Wonder, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Collaboration with Bernhard Herbordt

- Hessische Theatertage 2004, Stadttheater Gießen - ‘feuer + flamme’ Festival 2004, Kampnagel Hamburg - Plateaux Theaterfestival 2004 - Mousonturm Frankfurt/Main - FJT - Festival Junger Talente 2003 - Offenbach

A surveillance cabinet, which is monitoring itself - until the observers find themselves in a space behind reality, accessible through the sight-shadows (’Sichtschatten’) in their field of view.

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