video experiment

Experimental video - 9:55 min [total]
Part No.1 [orbiting] 5:57 min + Part No.2 [vertigo] 3:50 min

Video, Installation Design  Gregor Holzinger, Adam Orlinski
Electronic Design  Daniel Skrzipek
Sound Design  Abby Lee Tee
based on the track "aquarium eyes (abby lee tee remix)" by Ritornell

‘TRAVEL-CAM’ - Live-Video out of the perspective of the “Traveller” , cf. a space-probe/‘Raum-sonde‘, in a state approaching ‘whiteout‘, i. e.:„transient loss of (peripheral) vision due to heavy G-force, rapidly progressing to g-LOC (G-force induced Loss of Consciousness)“

An attempt of creating a perception of directionless space: a space relieved of any prevailing gravities or the usual up-/downward-directions, freed from the constraints of topocentric coordinate systems or cartesian planes - rendering the state of things/laws of physics as an only fleeting and highly local phenomena. [more]

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Gregor Holzinger
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